Friday, August 27, 2010

Exercise is More Fun and Easy with Free CardioTrainer Android App

(Photo by Free High-Tech)

An ex-colleague of mine posted on facebook the distance she walked and ran via an application called CardioTrainer. Sound interesting to me, I googled "CardioTrainer" and found this page by WorkSmartLabs. Here's what CardioTrainer is all about.

CardioTrainer is a free application for Android smartphones that lets you track and record all of your fitness activities. A virtual workout buddy packed with many fun and exciting features for a more enjoyable exercise regime.

GPS Tracking 
- Track your workout activity and see your route on a map.
- Count the number of steps you've taken.
World High Scores 
- Compare yourself to other CardioTrainer users around the world and see your stats.
- Automatically pauses theworkout when you stop moving at stoplights, etc.
Record Any Workout 
- Track and record all of your workouts, everything from walking to yoga to running.
Music Integration 
- Listen to your favorite workout mix and control playback with CardioTrainer.
Voice Notifications 
- Get real-time voice feedback about your distance, time, pace and calories burned.
Facebook Integration 
- Share your exercise activity with your friends and family.
Move Your Bot (Learn more!
- The fitness game you play with your friends! Exercise with CardioTrainer to improve your Android's fitness level.
Weight Loss Trainer ($2.99 Premium Feature)
- Set up and follow a weight loss plan without counting calories.

Get your FREE CardioTrainer now!
Open the Market app on your Android phone and search for "CardioTrainer".
Select CardioTrainer, click Install, and then click OK to download CardioTrainer."

CardioTrainer sounds so fun and easy, I feel like stretching my muscles right away! Gonna download it once I own an android-powered smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S - my friend has one and its Super AMOLED screen totally wowwed me with its unmatched luminescence and vivid eye-catching colours :D