Monday, August 30, 2010

Log On and Lose Weight

Are you on a diet? Or trying to lose some weight? Here's one trick to get you started.

Type any little bite into your favourite organising tool, be it your iPhone or Google calendar. Dieters who logged their meals and exercise sessions every day lost twice as much as those who didn't, notes a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Journaling curbs mindless munching and, when the scale won't budge, you can use it to find weak spots in your regular eating habits.

iTunes store has over 800 free and commercial diet- and health-related iPhone apps. From a tool that tracks your calorie intake to a GPS-powered app that maps your cycling route, you’re sure to find something here to help you achieve a fitter, healthier you. Below are 3 of the most popular iPhone apps.

Recently honored with a Mobie Award for best app in the Healthcare and Fitness category, iBody allows you to record and keep on top of the most important health factors for your body: weight, blood pressure, pulse rate and BMI. Use it to track your weight loss or maintain a healthy blood pressure level to ensure you stay in the best shape possible. $9.99;

Lose It!
Set your daily calorie goal and stick to it with this helpful program that allows you to track your caloric intake and burn rate. Using the searchable database, you can log the foods you eat throughout the day and subtract calories burned during exercise. Users love that they can tally and save nutritional info for recipes they make most often. Free;

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in an unfamiliar location and not knowing where to score good grub that’s also good for you. This app takes all the guesswork out of it by recommending nearby healthy food options based on your current location, which is tracked via GPS. We think this one would come especially in handy during road trips or on those late nights when you’re unsure which restaurants are still open. Free;

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