Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aroma Herbal Body Wraps For Slimming

Cellulite, a woman's biggest nightmare, is caused by a build-up of fluids and toxins in the tissues due to poor circulation and hormonal fluctuations, or a slowing of the lymphatic drainage system and diet.

Essential Oils For Cellulite
To treat cellulite is not easy, because toxins locked together with the deposits of fibrous collagen make the fat cells grow thicker. And that creates "orange peel skin". But regular massage with essential oils for cellulite can actually help increase our circulation, flushing out the excess fluids and toxins in our body. These essential oils have the ability to act as a diuretic, appetite suppressant and/or detoxifier (by stimulating lymph glands).

Geranium and Rosemary help to relieve fluid retention and lymphatic congestion, encouraging the elimination of toxins. Effective for cellulite and obesity. Cypress and Juniper effectively reduce excess fluids while the latter is also renowned for its detoxifying and purifying ability.

Body Wraps for Slimming
Wraps can improve the cellulite and appearance of the skin by helping the body remove excess fluids and toxins. Body wraps help in detoxification, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism, body contouring, temporary inch-loss, skin tightening, and skin softening. For slimming, use it with a body wrap formula with amino acids and caffeine.

Combining essential oil and body wraps can be a very effective anti-cellulite treatment. You can try to make a basic slimming clay wrap at home. It's easy!

The ingredients you need include:
  • 1 cup bentonite or green clay
  • 1/4 cup sea salt
  • 2 tbs. olive oil
  • 2 cups spring water
  • 2 types of Essential Oils, including Rosemary, Geranium, Cypress, Juniper, Lavender

Now here are the steps:
  1. Dissolve sea salt in 2 cups of spring (or filtered) water.
  2. Add clay to make a paste. 
  3. Add olive oil.
    * you may add more water to get the proper consistency for spreading on your skin.
  4. Add those anti-cellulite essential oils mentioned above.
  5. Mix and apply to skin.
  6. Apply your pre-soaked wrapping cloths to your body.
  7. Sit for at least an hour.
  8. Finally, remove the wrapping cloth and shower.