Friday, September 3, 2010

FreshLook Illuminate Gives You Beautiful Eyes, Effortlessly!

FreshLook Illuminate is an eye-enhancing, daily disposable contact lens specially designed for Asian eyes to make eyes look naturally bigger. At the end of the day – more beautiful eyes, effortlessly! Designed for Asian eyes, for a natural look.

Unique starburst pattern blends the coloured ring into the iris of the eyes to make eyes naturally bigger and more beautiful. Special dual-layer colour printing technology that enhances all shades of Asian eyes. The colour of the lens interacts with light to "adapt" to the shade of the wearer's eye for a natural look. FreshLook Illuminate lenses are so natural-looking, you can wear them everyday!

Freshlook Illuminate By Ciba vision

Ask your eye care professional about FRESHLOOK® lenses

Product Information:

Natural on eye appearance with FreshLook illuminate for great depth and definition with dual layer printing technology (to match the natural brown and black shades of Asian eyes). Unique starburst pattern blends the coloured ring into the iris for eyes that look bigger, more distinctive and natural. Better centration and consistent fit.

Material Content: 31% Nelifilcon A
Water Content: 69% H2O
Manufacturer: Ciba Vision

Always be sure to have regular eye examinations and to follow lens care instructions carefully so as to maintain and promote the health of your eyes and vision. In the event that you feel any discomfort or pain while wearing your contact lenses, be sure to remove them right away and consult with a licensed eye care practitioner.

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