Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Olivia Jewellery Organizer

Don’t you just hate it when your jewellery gets tangled up? Or when you can’t find the other side of your earrings? Ever wonder how other girls manage to wear different jewellery in their vacation photos?

Are you sick of wearing the same jewellery every single day of your vacation because you don’t know how to pack your different sets in your luggage without them being messed up or getting scratched?

Olivia is a nifty jewellery organizer that you can use at home to store your favourite accessories, without having to use bulky jewellery racks – or use it to pack a few favourite pieces for your vacation without damaging or scratching them!

Made of chamude, which feels and looks like natural leather (but even better!), Olivia is water-resistant, light and soft. This prevents your precious pieces from getting scratches.

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