Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Korean Street Fashion

Many people say that these days, Korean street fashion is becoming more and more at par with other major cities’ fashion like New York and Tokyo. Some fashion critics say that Korean street fashion looks like a carbon copy of New York’s street fashion, and a lighter and milder version of Tokyo fashion, but others applaud Koreans for their fashion sense. If you will go to Korea, you will see distinct characteristics of their street fashion. You can see them too in other countries, but they added a Korean twist that makes them unique, if not original.

(photo by MPdaogou)

For instance, one distinct feature of Korean street fashion is layering. Some people say they got it from New Yorkers. But no matter where they got it from, layering is an important feature of Korean fashion not just because it looks good but also because Korea is a temperate country. They need to layer their clothes to keep their body warm, just like other people in temperate regions.

Another distinct characteristic of Korean street fashion is their oversized t-shirts with English words or phrases. Some people, especially visitors from Western countries, cannot make sense of what is written on the t-shirts but Koreans do not care. After all, they do not wear the t-shirts to communicate with foreigners. They wear them to look good. The printed word or phrases in front of Korean tees only act as designs, not as something that states to the whole world what the wearer believe sin.

Korean women usually pair these oversized tees with a pair of skin tight leggings or skinny jeans. It is very comfortable and it also looks good. They usually wear sneakers or sandals with this outfit.

(photo by 熊貓girl a.k.a epued)

Mini skirts and knee high boots are some of the most popular Korean street fashion styles. Mini skirts will not make their legs warm but when paired with the boots, it will work in a cold place. And the outfit also looks sexy.

(photo by cafemom)

Koreans are also not afraid of colors. They bravely mix and match bright colors that other people will not dare try. This makes the cities of Korea very colourful and happy because of the rainbow of colors. You will see combinations of pink and green, yellow and red, orange and blue, and so on. And for some reason, Koreans can pull it off. They look fashionable and of course, cute, just like most Asian fashions.

You will also see branded clothes and accessories in Korean fashion (surprise, surprise). This is probably typical in almost all city fashions. But it is more obvious in Koreans. Maybe it is the status or satisfaction that makes branded fashion items popular in Korea. Do not be surprised if a woman who is very simply dressed is carrying a branded bag worth hundreds of dollars.

Source: AsianFashion