Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Natural Acne Skin Care Solutions are Your Best Choice

Did you know that natural acne skin care solutions are good choices for many reasons? Most are not accompanied by unwanted side effects. They do not contribute to more antibiotic resistant bacteria. They are gentler and safer, overall. One is even beneficial for your overall health.

Taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement is the one that can have numerous positive health benefits. Omega-3s are largely missing from the modern-day diet. Researchers believe that the absence of omega-3s is responsible for the increased incidence of depression and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Most acne cases are of the inflammatory type. While hormonal production is often blamed, it is the inflammation of the sebaceous glands caused by the hormonal activity that is the real problem.

The sebaceous glands are located within the skin’s pores. This is also where you find the hair follicles. The whole complex is referred to as the pilosebaceous unit. You might say there’s a lot going on inside each one of those tiny pores.

Certain hormones cause inflammation or enlargement of the sebaceous glands. While the male sex hormones may be to blame, a hormone called IGF-1 is also involved.

The goal of some natural acne skin care regimens is to reduce levels of IGF-1. Diets that are low in simple carbohydrates are examples.

So, now you have two things to consider; taking a good fish oil supplement and reducing the simple carbs in your diet. Let’s look at a few other things.

A good deep cleansing mask can help pull dirt out of the pores, dry up excessive oils and help get rid of dead skin cells gently. Exfoliation is often recommended for sloughing off the cells that can clog the pores. In some cases, the cells become oxidized. They turn black and that is what makes up a blackhead.

While an exfoliant could be a natural acne skin care treatment, it could also make the condition worse. Salts or other abrasive compounds are included in the products. They can cause microscopic tears that contribute to inflammation.

As long as it contains the right ingredients, a deep cleansing mask will not cause irritation or inflammation. Ingredients to look for include clay extracts called kaolin and bentone gel. They should be combined with plant-based oils that nourish and moisturize, without causing greasiness or clogging the pores.

Products like benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids may help heal blemishes, but you can expect them to cause redness and excessive dryness. They still fall under the category of natural acne skin care treatments. If you decide to use one of them on your face, be sure to follow up with a good moisturizer.

Most of the facial moisturizers on the market are not designed for acne-prone skin. They contain petrolatum, mineral oil or other petroleum-based ingredients.

Now that you know all this, the ones to look for are those that contain proteins like keratin, which has anti-inflammatory activity and is very soothing. Grape seed oil is another good natural acne skin care moisturizer. You can sometimes find moisturizers containing both grape seed and keratin.

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