Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Have More Sex Appeal

That being said there are some tips for you to examine your sexy-factor and make improvements.

1. Take pictures and or video's of yourself to see yourself as others do. Really look at them objectively and with an honest curiosity. Would you be attracted to this person? Why or why not? Now look at pictures of people you are attracted to and admire. Pick out some of the same qualities in yourself and play them up.

2. Time for a makeover. Treat yourself to some new clothes, a haircut, and or spa treatments to make you feel like you look your absolute best. Stand proud and take pride in your appearance. Feeling good about yourself first is a big factor in being appealing to others.

3. Have confidence in yourself. Make a list of your accomplishments and things you are most proud of in yourself. Hang the list on your fridge, your bathroom mirror and remind yourself you are an awesome person. Sex appeal is all about attitude and aura and making the best of what you've got.

4. Just remember as well that while looks count it's your personality which makes people stick around. Smile, laugh and be a happy person. No one wants to hand out with a hound-dog. A smile is truly your best accessory. Remember to speak in a positive upbeat manner. Ask questions about the other person, don't hog the conversation with your own life stories.

5. Make eye contact. When you are talking to a date, you want them to know you are interested in them. You want them interacting with you as well. If you don't even look each other in the eye... the date is a bust. Practice in the mirror and get your "sexy" look down pat.

6. Pay your date a compliment. Don't go overboard only compliment people once on that particular attribute. When we are given a compliment like when someone tells us we're pretty, funny, smart - whatever - it has the optimum effect the first time it's said. Yet, if you keep blabbing on about it you not only weaken the compliment, you will have the opposite effect to the one intended.

7. Give feedback to your date. They aren't mind readers you know. If you like someone make sure you have communicated that fact.

8. Relax about your body. If you have poor body image, take baby steps to boost your positive image of yourself. Remember none of us are perfect. My mother always says "Angels are in heaven". Eating right and exercising are always good body choices to make. If you look good you feel good and the reverse is true too. Take vitamins, they will keep you healthy and feeling good as well. Lastly, get rid of unrealistic images that contribute to a poor body image of yourself.

9. Watch something hot. Ignite certain desires through the stimulation and imagination. Think sexy - be sexy!

10.Take natural sex supplements to boost libido. Time proven aphrodisiacs have been around for centuries - because they work! Try male sex supplement Irexis and see results.

Jennifer Hughs is the pen name for the health and lifestyles writer who is compensated by Value Marketing, Inc. d/b/a Lab88. The author has 20+ years in the cosmetic and health industries and has worked with leading beauty and health publications.