Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty Treatment Boom for Men

Great bodies and makeup add charms to the idol stars on the television screen as they capture women's hearts. Nowadays, this trend of dandyism is no longer limited to stars only, because an increasing number of regular men are also starting to take more interest in their looks.

[Interview : ] "It's the same as women taking care of themselves".

[Interview : ] "It helps you gain confidence".

[Interview : ] "It doesn't look good if it's too much, but a moderate amount is okay".

It no longer seems strange to encounter men improving their figures and putting on makeup. Let's check out their amazing transformations.

The first step is to get in shape. Here, we not only find corrective underwear for women, but also special underwear for men's physique.

[Interview : ] "What are you looking at now[Interview : Hwang In-seong, Customer ] "It's corrective underwear. I thought they only had it for women but they now make it for men".

A wide variety of men's corrective underwear is available to help hide their flaws.

[Interview : Lee Gwang-jun, Employee Men's corrective underwear store ] "Better physical figure increases one's competitiveness, so men are now looking for our "body shaper". It is a corrective underwear for upper body that shapes men's figure for those who are concerned with large breasts or potbelly".

[Interview : ] " They look like regular underpants, but these 'hip-up' underpants have large hip-shaped pads inserted to solve problems for men with flat hips".

As an increasing number of younger men are dressing in tightly-fitted clothes, corrective underwear that emphasizes a washboard stomach and round buttocks are also rising in demand.

[Interview : Noh Ji-hyeong, Customer] "I don't have much weight around my hips, so even sitting down on a chair was uncomfortable. But wearing these pads could help".

[Interview : Hwang In-seong, Customer ] "Friends make fun of my potbelly. While exercising, i might be good to cover my fat with this corrective underwear".

Can corrective underwear really make their simple wishes come true

Moreover, his flat buttocks became more round and full. His enhanced physique boosted his confidence level as well.

[Interview : Hwang In-seong, Customer ] "My figure looks much better. My stomach usually sticks out a lot, but it now looks flattened. I should wear this often".

With the help of makeup, male celebrities leave strong impressions on the stage. A professional makeup store for men has opened as more regular men are becoming interested in putting on makeup. It has become a regular sight to see male customers receiving makeovers in cosmetics stores.

[Interview : Kim Du-ha, Director Men's Makeup Store] "Physical appearance is a part of one's strength, so men need to take care of themselves as well. Customers come for important occasions such as a job interview or a friend's wedding".

In fact, last year, the market for men's cosmetics recorded a 15% average annual growth rate.

[Interview : Heo Eom-ji, Makeup artist ] "Usually men want natural makeup that doesn't stand out, so we just correct their skin tone, shape eyebrows and lips for them".

After shaping the eyebrows, men can polish their looks by correcting the skin tone with this specialized BB cream that caters for men's skin needs,

[Interview : Lee Seung-gi, Customer ] "My skin tone seems way more bright and clear. I like it".

It's time for a bolder style of makeup.

[Interview : Heo Eom-ji, Makeup artist ] "I am applying smokey eye makeup".

Smokey eye makeup is popular among younger men as it gives a polished look for special occasions, such as parties.

Also, in order to brighten the skin tone, applying pearly powder along the T-zone, and brown eye shadow around the eyes can contour the features of the face.

[Interview : ] "Are you satisfied[Interview : ] "Yes".
[Interview : ] "How do you feel after putting on makeup[Interview : Lee Byeong-cheol, Customer ] "I feel good and renewed".

[Interview : Lee Seung-gi, Customer ] "Grooming for men will be more common instead of being subject to prejudices or separate categorizations".

Now let's put the final touch the style by visiting a special store of 'height increasing shoes'. High heels have traditionally been exclusive for women's wear. But nowadays, they have become an adored fashion item for men as well.

[Interview : Kim Dong-gu, Customer ] "Wearing these shoes gives me confidence".

The secret lies in the inside of these ordinary-looking shoes.

[Interview : Choi Seung-heo, Employee Shoe store ] "These shoes have heel lifts".

These shoes can add an extra height of 3 to 10 cm. For instance, these shoes can make someone look 8.5 cm taller, with its 5 cm heel lifts and 3.5 cm high heels.

Customers can freely choose the height of the heel lifts.

[Interview : Choi Seung-heo, Employee Shoe store ] "At first, women mostly looked for height increasing shoes. But nowadays, many men come to look for them as well. So more variety is available for men's shoe designs and the heights of the heels".

A huge difference can be seen between wearing and not wearing the height increasing shoes. With extra 5 cm to his height, this customer looks much more stylish than before.

[Interview : Kim Dong-gu, Customer] "I like them because they look like regular sneakers, not height increasing shoes".

Even people who are self-conscious of their short height experience a great confidence boost with these shoes.

[Interview : ] "Aren't they uncomfortable[Interview : ] "They are really comfortable".
[Interview : ] "How high are the heels[Interview : ] "8cm".

The drastic change brought by wearing the shoes makes everyone happy.

[Interview : ] "Your husband suddenly became taller".

[Interview : An Hyeon-suk, Customer ] "It looks good. Nowadays, you need to have confidence instead of looking downcast. So even wearing height increasing shoes seems natural".

[Interview : Bae Guk-nam, Pop culture critic ] " The recent boom in men's dandyism is fostered by the beliefs that men's appearances can also be capitalized, and looks can be a powerful tool in increasing one's competitiveness".

Desire for beauty is always a hot topic for everybody regardless of one's gender or age. In today's world where physical appearance is also a source of personal strength, more number of men will continue to strive for beauty.

Source : ( English Korean ), HanCinema