Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HERBORIST - Natural Herbal Skincare Concept from China

HERBORIST(佰草集)is a popular TCM herbalist skincare brand from China that is even sold at Sephora stores in Paris and China.

Their products contain 美白七子, a formulation made from seven (7) different kinds of herbal medicines that are known to inhibit melanin formation while regulating the flow of Qi and blood, thus improving skin circulation for softer, fairer and rosier complexion and prevent skin aging.

Their whitening revitalizing mask, whitening toner and essence are recommended by skin beauty expert Ms Liu Yan 柳燕老师 and professional makeup artist Mr Kevin 凯文老师 in Taiwan's most popular beauty talk show "Beauty Queen" 《女人我最大》。

The above Herborist Whitening Revitalizing Mask is the top seller on www.herborist.com.cn.
以上的新七白美白嫩肤面膜是 www.herborist.com.cn 网站上最畅销的佰草集产品。

Liu Yan also suggested consumers could buy the 美白七子 powder directly from the TMC stores and use it as a mask or add into your usual skincare products. 


佰草集(Herborist)是来自中国的天然草本护肤品牌,在中国和巴黎的 Sephora 店裡也有售賣,可见知名度和有效性受到了保证。

她们的产品含有中草藥的美白七子 - 七種不同的中藥草(包括白芍、白术、白芨、白蔹、白茯苓、白蒺藜、以及白果仁)配的粉末,还添加了維他命 C 和熊果精華,除了能抑制黑色素的增生,还能調理整個內在的經血循環,讓你的氣血變順暢,氣色變得紅潤、美白、粉嫩,延缓肌肤老化。



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eisu: Premium Mineral Alkaline Water from Korea

"'Eisu (A水)' will keep you from getting tired and from aging, argued a water expert. 

"Unlike other bottled water brands 'Eisu (A水)' is alkaline mineral water full of calcium, magnesium, and kalium. It reportedly helps the improvement for 4 kinds of gastric symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, digestive disorder, and abnormal fermentation and excessive acid inside stomach.

- Quoted from the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) report on March 4, 2009

(photo credit: www.alibaba.com)

Mr. Kim Jong-Oh, deputy manager of Hankook Jungsoo Industries Co'.s Quality Assurance Department, sounded quite confident of the water he and his company sell. In a recent interview with The Seoul Times Mr. Kim argued that his premiere bottled water "Eisu (A水)" can get rid of reactive oxygen species (ROS), causes of aging and all diseases. He also said that his water can make tired people feel much better by decomposing acid.

"Our water can keep human body healthy by making our body more Alkaline", Mr. Kim stressed. "Human bodies are becoming more acidified due to the fast food and surroundings"

Mr. Kim explained that in "Eisu (A水)" "Ei" means Alphabet A and "su" means water in Chinese character.

"Eisu", which hit the market as a premiere water over three years ago, is spreading to the local as well as overseas market in spite of its prices: It is four times more expensive than the regular bottled water locally produced. Mr. Kim said that "Eisu" has been supplied to the major department stores, marts, convenience stores, highway stores, resorts, golf courses, stores within hospitals a around the country since its production in September of 2009.

Some hotels, cancer treatment centers, OB/GYN clinics are also provided with the water. "Lots of sick people or unhealthy folks that I know are using our water", Mr. Kim said. "They are highly satisfied with our water". He admitted that lots of his customers are relatively wealthy people. Professional sportsmen and women are also drinking "Eisu", according to Mr. Kim.

"I know of a case in which one of my friends got cured of his stomach problems", Mr. Kim said. "He was suffering from a severe stomachache or gastritis. But he started drinking our water"

"Skin problems like Atopic dermatitis or a symptom of constipation can be controlled or cured by drinking our water", Mr. Kim said. "Patients with diabetes also get much better after drinking our water"

"Eisu" now is exported to America and Singapore. And company officials are in talks with businessmen in Vietnam and China for exports.

According to the industry statistics, the local market for the bottle water has almost doubled in recent years. In 2007 the market was 390 billion won but it rose to over 600 billion won in 2011. Currently, a total of 70 manufacturers are producing some 100 different brands of bottled water in South Korea. Among them is Samdasu, which accounts for half of the total market share. Jinro's Seoksu and Puris are also well-known brands.

"After all, water is most important for our health", Mr. Kim stressed. "I strongly urge people to drink our water"

I believe drinking more of such naturally healthy water can detoxify the body and skin to achieve natural beauty and attain a healthier state.

For details or inquiries leave Mr. Kim an Email at kjo3740@haji.co.kr

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