Monday, July 5, 2010

Philosophy Divine Illumination

Philosophy Divine Illumination, an award-winning 'Best Moisturiser' in Fitness Beauty Awards 2009, is a skin-illuminating antiager that contains light-reflecting mica for instant radiance. "It gave a dewy glow without too much shine," says Judi Roode of Wrentham, Massachusetts. Over time, ingredients like niacinamide work to wipe out wrinkles. (Source: Fitness Magazine)

Read the reviews online and realized that most users recommend this product. They commented their skin feels tighter, firmer and the glow brightens their skin after using it, and costs less than other over-hyped moisturisers. But I believe this product is more suitable for mature skin, targeted at women aged 40s and above. So I think I'll wait and continue using my favorite Hada Labo SHA Moisturising Lotion. But Divine Illumination is definitely in my wishlist.