Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rebalance Fat Hormone Levels for Permanent Weight Loss!


15 years of clinical research have shown that weight loss is not only about calories. Unbalanced levels of fat hormones in the body is the main reason why many people find it hard to lose weight.

In 1995 Dr. Jeffrey M. Friedman at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute discovered Leptin, a hormone in our fat cells that regulates energy intake and appetite by signaling the brain to stop eating. As we age or gain weight, Leptin levels in our body increase, causing our fat regulating system to 'malfunction' leading to an increase in appetite and body weight. So no matter how hard we try to lose weight, we will eventually see a rebound if Leptin levels in the body remain unbalanced.

Adiponectin is another key fat hormone that controls fat storage, fat cell size and fat burning. Overweight people have lower levels of Adiponectin, causing an increase in fat accumulation and fat cell size which leads the body to refill by eating more. A successful weight loss method would have to increase Adiponectin levels to burn more fat and reduce fat storage.

So in order to lose weight effectively and permanently, we need to rebalance the unbalanced levels of these fat hormones.

Reduze, a clinically proven, all-natural rapid reduction supplement backed by 17 international patents that helps to:

  • Rebalance fat hormone levels to control food cravings and appetite.
  • Reboot metabolism to increase fat burning power.
  • Reduce calories from food intake.
  • Restrict fat cell size and fat accumulation.
Reduze achieves this by decreasing your key hunger hormone, Leptin, so that you do not overeat. It also increases your key fat burning hormone, Adiponectin, by 156% so your body can break and burn fat more effectively.

Reduze is tested and proven by 500 overweight people under a normal diet without exercise. Results were visible in 4 weeks and in 10 weeks, the group using Reduze shed up to 21.8cm in their waistlines, 12.8 kg in body weight and achieved an outstanding 21% body fat and 14.6% Body Mass Index (BMI) reduction.

"With Reduze, you get to have your cake, and eat it", says award winning artiste Jeanette Aw, a new fan of the revolutionary Reduze.

"I was really impressed when I saw the results of the clinical studies," says Dr David Tan, Medical Director of Avenza. "Not only was the weight loss significant but more importantly, Reduze seems to have improved the lipid profile and cholesterol levels of the study participants."

Now, with Reduze, we can naturally lose weight significantly within weeks without the hunger!

I am dying to try it but couldn't find it at Watsons 1Utama, KL Malaysia. Guess I have to pay a higher price buying from Singapore Watsons stores or online. Anyone with cheaper deals, please drop me a mail or comment! Thanks so much!

Source: TODAY