Tuesday, August 17, 2010

7 Perfume Tips That Make a Difference

Vera Wang Princess Fragrance

1. To help your fragrance last longer, layer it! Invest in the bath products and lotions that belong to the same fragrance line and use them as scent boosters. While showering, apply a thin layer of the bath gel. After you shower, towel off so that your skin is still slightly damp. Generously apply the fragrance lotion before getting dressed. At this point, spritz your perfume or cologne as usual, making sure to get all your pulse points. Continue the layering process by turning your shirt inside out and spritzing it as well. This will leave you smelling great all day without fear of overdoing it.

2. It's a fact that oily skin holds fragrances longer than dry skin. Rub a small layer of petroleum jelly on the area before spraying on your perfume. This will help hold the scent longer.

3. Want a long-lasting scent without having to reapply throughout the day? Ladies, here is a simple trick: Spray a cotton ball with your fragrance and wear it in your bra. Voila!

4. Nothing is better than a warm towel right out of the dryer... except a warm towel that smells great! Lightly spray a washcloth with your favorite perfume and throw it in the dryer with sheets and towels.

5. By applying your fragrance to your body's pulse points, you are helping to trigger oil secretion, which will carry your scent longer. Make it a habit to spritz these areas every time you put on your fragrance: behind the knees, the ankles, the bend in your elbow, behind the ears.

6. This may be something you don't often think about as your spraying on your scent while you rush out the door, but the oil or alcohol in some perfumes can stain your clothing. It's not a good idea to apply it directly to your clothes. If you get perfume on your outfit and you don't have time to change, simply dab the area with warm water. If you have cheesecloth handy, gently use it to try to capture the alcohol. As always, use a stain remover to pre-treat the stain before washing.

7. What to do if you overdo? Fear you've sprayed on too much perfume, but don't have time to take another shower? Experts say to create a paste using baking soda and water, rub it on the over-concentrated area and rinse. Wet wipes, alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer are also life-savers (for you and the people around you)!