Monday, August 2, 2010

Basics of Japanese Eye Makeup

(Ayumi the Queen of Japanese Eye Makeup!)
  1. Apply Concealer
    with a concealer brush that has smooth, synthetic bristles that are made for cream (not powder) formulas. Dab directly onto the spot and then wait at least 15 seconds before you blend. Don’t brush the middle of the spot; fan out the edges of the concealer to make it blend seamlessly.
  2. Apply Liquid Foundation
    with a wet sponge. Your face will look fresh and silky.
  3. Lightly Draw Your Brows
    upwards and downwards. To create a bigger eye effect, choose a lighter shade.
  4. Apply a Light Beige Eye Color
    gently over your entire eyelids. Don't forget your lower lids!
  5. Apply a Taupe Shade Eye Color
    on your eyelids and the rear part of your lower lids.
  6. Use a Liquid Liner
    draw thin strokes on your eyelids, thickening towards the outer corner and thinning towards the inner corner. Line your lower lid all the way into the tear duct. At the outer corner of the eye, connect both the upper and lower eye lines. Note: It’s very important that the line near the tear duct is very thin so the eye doesn’t look round…
  7. Curl Your Eyelashes
    with an eyelash curler.
  8. Prime and Coat Your Lashes
    several times for thicker and longer lashes. Coat your lower lashes for eye-opening effect!
  9. Heat Up the Curler
    on the upper part - flame away from the rubber. Check the heat with your fingers first to avoid burning your lashes off. This process will fixate your lashes in their upwards direction.
  10. Use an Eyeliner Brush
    to fill in the gaps with a black eyeshadow.
  11. Use a White Eyeliner
    to rim your waterline.
  12. Use a Metallic Eye Shadow
    to hightlight the T-zone and under-eye area and use a brush to blend it in.
  13. Create a More 3D Effect
    by contouring along the nose and between your brows and eyes for an exaggerated shade.
  14. Using a Baby Pink Blush
    blush on the sides of your face, not the apple of your cheeks.
  15. Choose Pale Pink
    for your lip color.
  16. This look goes best with curls and/or dyed hair!