Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beauty and the Bees

(Photo by Amazon)

Honey, besides being a good bowel mover for me, is actually packed with natural goodness for a beautiful skin. Below is an article I read on the benefits of honey.

"For centuries, honey has been prized for its health-enhancing and beautifying properties; besides soothing skin and helping it to repair itself, honey helps to retains moisture in the driest of skins. Now, cosmetics companies are making use of the golden liquid in creams, lotions, cleansers and scrubs, all of which you can use for a DIY honey spa treatment.

Pick a quiet Sunday and start with a drink - a glass of warm water mixed with a generous spoonful of Manuka Honey. For a sweet treat that's healthy too, mix a dollop of premium Nuzeabee Manuka Honey in hot tea, spread it on bread or drizzle over wholegrain cereal. Then zoom in on the spa: Gently exfoliate your body with L'Occitane's Honey & Lemon Sweet Sugar Scrub. Follow up with Radox Smoothie Body Wash in Natural Balance, with yogurt, almond meal and honey to moisturise and smooth skin.

Tame frizzy hair with Phyto's Phytobrush with Acacia Honey - it makes blow-drying easier and helps to strengthen hair at the same time. Can't seem to get rid of a stubborn acne problem? Try Singapore's own Soyo Advance Acne Formula, which contains honey suckle to alleviate skin irritations. For a more even complexion, use Nuxe's Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Face Cream, the ultimate moisturiser for dry and sensitive complexions, with honey to repair, stimulate and regenerate damaged skin.

To treat cracked heels and dry skin on elbows and knees, apply Apicare's Very Hardworkers Handcreme. For a do-good skin dessert, dab on L'Occitane's Honey & Lemon Lip Gloss, which is hydrating and nourishing and creates a queen bee pout."

Article from The Singapore Women's Weekly by Tan Lili