Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gatsby Facial Wash Series - Made in Japan, For Singaporean Men

Kimura Takuya's recent endorsement of Gatsby Facial Wash Series - Triple Scrub, Oil Control, Anti-Tightness and Ice Cooling Gel - has amused many TV audiences but only few knows it is actually designed specially for Singaporean guys! after intensive research done on Singaporean men's skin.

Due to the hot and humid tropical climate in Singapore, Singaporean men's skin is generally of a more oily, acne-prone nature. This series is designed to cleanse pores, removing oil and dirt thoroughly to prevent typical male skin problems. Singaporean men can now have clean and fresh skin all day long. :)

I've seen a few pretty high ratings on review sites. But remember, don't over cleanse/scrub your skin as this will over dry your skin and promote the glands to produce more sebum. Should your skin feel overtight, cut the amount of cleanser/scrub or just switch to a different product.