Monday, September 6, 2010

50% Off Hydrotherapy Detox Bath Treatment + 30min Massage @ Beauty Wave Spa

(Photo from Twangoo)

Sweet Deal from Twangoo HongKong!
50% Off Hydrotherapy Detox Bath Treatment + 30min Massage @ Beauty Wave Spa
Original Value is HK$630. You save HK$315!

Hydrotherapy Detox Bath, For a Slimmer and Healthier You!
The summer is coming to an end and it was a great one. The season was full of parties, dancing, cocktails, and as much as I loved it, I think it is now about time for a little detox. Going alcohol free, processed food free and caffeine free for 2 or 3 weeks works like a charm to bring an awesome amount of energy to your body as well as a new waistline. But some days it can be restricting and demanding. So I like to reward myself with a detox orientated spa treatment.

Beauty wave spa is offering a great one: the hydrotherapy detox bath.

This 100% natural therapy combines 15 minutes in a hot bath, inhaling pure essential aroma fragrance with 30 minutes of aroma slimming/detox massage.

And thanks to Twangoo you can enjoy it for HKD315 instead of the usual HKD630.

Hydrotherapy can be traced back 6000 years and is used to increase circulation, stimulate the immune system, as well as increasing muscle tone and reducing fatigue and pain.

This refreshing bath will help you to get rid of the toxins which have built up in your body, bringing a refreshing rebirthing experience.

The results: 400 calories burned!!! (which is pretty much the equivalent of an hour workout on the treadmill). You'll also boost your elimination system while gaining a very relaxed body. Expect to sleep like a baby the following night.

Beauty Wave has been open for 15 years and owner Jady has since then been offering the best services to her customers with an extensive menu, the latest technology, and renowned product lines like Dermatologica, in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Beauty Wave are located in the heart of Central, on Chiu Lung st, one of the little streets of Central market, one minute away from Queens Rd Central.

Let's speed up the results of our post-summer resolutions!!!!!

Lola's secret: Detoxing and seriously missing your morning latte? Look for coffee alternatives like dandelion tea with soy milk, or soy chai lattes, at various cafes and coffee chains in central, to satisfy you with that warm soothing coffee like experience.

Company information:
Beauty Wave Spa
15/F Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street
Hong Kong

Credit: Foxy Lola (Twangoo)