Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Sulwhasoo Skincare Trial Set is now offering a FREE Trial Set of Sulwhasoo Korean Skincare Aesthetics.

Korean Skincare Aesthetics - TRY it FREE!!Delicate Korean herbal medicinal aesthetics bringing the utmost depth of beauty, Sulwhasoo.

With the literal meaning of 'an arid and frail branch covered with snow-white flowers, exploding in full blossom', the brand name of Sulwhasoo implies that the exquisite beauty of a magnificent winter tree with the full snow blossom is brought to women whose soft and succulent skin tone has been withered with aging. A metaphor was used in comparing the appearance of aged women to an arid winter branch.

I've never tried this Korean skincare brand before, only but from the reviews I've read online, it's seems pretty good in whitening and brightening up the skin.