Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful Eyes with No Dark Undereye Circles

Dark undereye circles are a common problem around the eyes, and can be extremely annoying. The bluing that occurs around the eyes can appear almost black and make you look tired or stressed out. When a woman has dark circles under her eyes, no matter how beautiful her eyes are their impact is diminished because of these dark circles. If her eyes are beautiful, the beauty of her face is enhanced.

There are several things that cause these dark under eye circles.Poor circulation and fine lines are among the causes of dark undereye circles. Smoother, firmer skin is able to reflect more light for the illusion of a radiant, youthful look. Eyliplex-2 ($82) from Goodskin Labs includes a day gel and night balm. The former reportedly firms and lifts, making lines around your eyes less visible, while the latter contains vitamin C and fatty-acid-rich passionflower extract for radiance and firmness. It also includes malachite, caffeine and a vitamin D derivative to boost collagen production, repair skin and protect it against free radicals. Eyliplex-2 is available at Guardian Pharmacies.

Source: Female