Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Lose Tummy Flab

How to lose Tummy Flab is probably the question most asked of fitness experts and nutritionists whenever they see a new client. If you have been having a difficult time with a stubborn waistline, the information below may give you the answer you have been looking for, including one way to get immediate results.

First of all, stop eating at night. Many experts reject this theory but I have some practical reasons why I recommend it. First, a lot of us do most of our binge damage at night: going into the cupboards for cookies, candies and anything else that's sweet. If you decide to just not eat at night this will help you to decrease the amount of these unhealthy sugars you are including in your diet.

Also, most of us are less active at night, meaning that we burn fewer calories at night, and while we are sleeping, our metabolism is at its slowest.

The second way to lose Tummy Flab is to include an exercise regime into your every day life. This can be easier said than done, given our demanding lifestyles. Many of us have stressful jobs that require long hours or family commitments that take up our time even after work is finished. regardless, exercise is a crucial part of any weight loss plan.

Also, make sure the exercise is well-balanced. It does you little good to concentrate on an intense routine of only doing 500 crunches. You need to include the cardio and the strength training that will affect your whole body. This will help you experience significant results.

The third thing that can help you to lose Tummy Flab is lower your alcohol intake. You have probably already heard that alcohol is basically liquid calories. It is a wasteful way to go through the calories your weight loss diet will allow you in a day and it goes straight to your Tummy.

If you currently consume a lot of alcohol, cutting down immediately will probably show you some extremely fast results.

Author: Penny Walker