Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Penchant for Cute Young Girl Dresses

With my age increasing, and body size expanding horizontally, I grew an inappropriate penchant for young girl dresses, strangely. I like cute dresses like this Black Japanese Uniform-Style One Piece above. I was wondering... how many more years can my age 'afford' me to dress in cute-girl style? Not when more wrinkles are climbing up my face and skin starts to sag by the natural force of gravity and my compulsive rubbing during cleansing. Hmm... I have seen ah ma (old aunties and grannies) dressed in hot short pants and backless top. Does it bother you? In fact, I find them pretty brave and confident in themselves, except for maybe some nosey Stompers who might take every 'shot' to criticize them on Singapore Seen (gosh, another gossip channel). Well, I think I will dress up my life in just the style I want :D