Sunday, November 7, 2010

Easy Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss problems come down on some like a ton of bricks. It can be hard to believe when you look into the mirror and find that your hair is starting to fall out.

Don't feel too bad about it though, as there are some natural hair loss remedies that you can use to prevent further hair fall and in some cases regrow it all together!

The first method to getting keeping your hair from falling out is to use Amla. By boiling pieces of amla in coconut oil, you can create a hair tonic that can help prevent scalp problems. Rub this tonic onto your scalp every day for the best results. This natural hair loss remedy is fairly common, but will do wonders for your scalp!

Another natural hair loss remedy is to use amla juice mixed with lime juice. If you use this mixture as a shampoo, it can also prevent scalp growth quite well. It's a bad thing to use this natural hair loss remedy too often, as shampooing too often can dry your scalp, but try to wash your hair with this at least twice a week. Amla and Lime juice can be easily bought at any indian grocery store, as well as online stores, such as eBay.

The last remedy for now is to drink a cup of lettuce juice and spinach juice every day. The nutrients and enzymes you can receive from these really help you stop hair fall and can help your health in general. To have a healthy lifestyle and diet is healthy for your scalp and hair, after all. In fact, it's also best to try to exercise fairly often, as well. If nothing else, please try to at least put natural hair loss recipe to good use.

If you apply these natural hair loss remedies, you're sure to reap some results and at the very least, stop your hair from falling out any further. If you wish to regrow your hair into the full, thick head of hair you once had, I recommend you get a guide from a professional in hair growth, as these usually have a step-by-step guide in regrowing hair completely. Of course, it's important that you regrow this hair soon, as the hair follicles can only survive for 4 years before they are completely dead. After that point, you'll need to have an expensive hair transplant in order to grow it back. While there are many good guides out there that deal with hair regrowth, the best one I recommend is It's written by a hair loss specialist who really knows his stuff when it comes to hair loss and can put you right on the path to regrowing your hair.

Whatever guide you choose though, choose it quickly, because when it comes to hair follicles, time is of the essence!

Dave Twinn has done extensive research on the topic of hair loss in order to give you the best possible source of information on this topic. He has a history of using methods on keep hair healthy on himself in order to make sure they are correct and trying to keep his information as accurate as possible.