Friday, November 5, 2010

Slimming Pills Reviewed

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Slimming pills are fast becoming a thing of necessity. The need to look slim is driven by health concerns and the Hollywood appeal. Though everyone is aware there isn't secret to slimming, more users are getting hooked on using OTC drugs and other slimming pills to get quick outcomes. This article will give you a brief review on the major slimming tablets in the Uk. Though the number of these slimming products keeps increasing, here are the major slimming pills.
  • Alli
  • Hoodia
  • Xenical
  • Ephedra
  • Ma Huang
  • Clanbuterol
  • Bitter orange

Alli: Slimming diet Pills
Alli is an effective slimming diet pill that blocks 25% of fat taken into the body, while the undigested fat is excreted. It's known to be a fat blocker and its an FDA approved slimming product.
The downside of Alli, is its side effects should your food exceed 15g of fat. Effects such as farting, oily discharge, bowel movements, regular visit to the toilets and so on. The side effects places so many restrictions and concerns for consumers.
Hoodia: A Slimming Pill That works
It's main ingredient is from a cactus plant from South Africa. Hoodia slimming products are known to be natural craving reducer. Unfortunately this product is yet to confirmed safe and useful by the FDA. For slimming purposes, its considered risky.
Xenical: Weight loss slimming pill
Xenical and Alli are identical in so many ways. In fact they both do the same thing because they are made from the same ingredients.
Ephedra: Controversial Slimming Pill
Ephedra has been ban due to safety issues. Prior to it being banned, it was known to reduces your craving for food. Though unknown by many, Ephedra was used by lots of known slimming products back in the day.
Today people are illegally still selling this product online. Even sports men and women are prohibited from using Ephedra because it can promote high performances like other enhancing drugs.
Ma Huang
Banned as well and funny enough, Ma Huang is the same as Ephedra. Ehphedra is called Ma Huang in china.
Clenbuterol: Hollywood Slimming pill
Known in Hollywood as the size zero pill cause its what Hollywood stars and models use to look skinny and underfed. FDA has declared that this slimming pill is not for human intake but for the treatment of horses.
Humans stand a chance of some serious rise in body temperature and fast heart beat. Though it can make you go less hungry for 9 hours it is declared as unsafe for human consumption.
Bitter Orange: Slimming diet pills
Bitter Orange is well known as the replacing slimming diet pill for Ephedra. You don't need it prescribed to you in other to get it.
Bitter Orange just like the above slimming pills comes with it's own side effects, though the effects after long use are yet to be determined.
In the positive, Bitter Orange can increase the amount of calories your body burns, thus leaving you with a slimmer looking body.
If the side effects of the above slimming scares you, the you are not alone. Every year, thousands of people fall prey to these harmful pills that get them on the wrong side.
The shocking truth is that most slimming pill are yet to meet the standard clinical and medical standard.
Is slimming pill a bad idea to lose weight?
Losing weight to stay slim with pills isn't a bad idea. The bad idea is not doing your due diligence to finding the right slimming product.
Proactol appeared recently in The Telegraph as the best slimming pill. With no side effects, 100% herbal and natural,5 successful clinical trials, no preservatives, allergens or fillers. Gets you losing weight fast and healthy. Its no wonder its becoming the fastest selling slimming pill.

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