Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spread the Comic Joy ’tis Season with Pearls, Garfield, Snoopy and Gang!

New for the Holidays! Greeting Cards, decorations, t-shirts, sweatshirts, postcards, mugs, water bottles, coasters, keepsake boxes, mousepads,  tote bags, baby bibs, clocks, pillows, journals, aprons, baby apparel, dog t-shirts, magnets and buttons that feature your favorite comic characters from Pearls before Swine, Snoopy and the Peanuts and Garfield!

Santa Croc 2 Ringer T @ $22.99"

Santa Croc Greeting Cards (Package of 10) @ $29.99"

Have your favorite Pearls Strip Art printed on your tee here. For more Pearls holiday art, go here!

Peanuts fans can now print Charlie Brown with a political humor on yours or your dog's tee, like the Mud-Slinging Dog T-Shirt below. Check this out and many other Snoopy & Peanuts merchandise @ the Snoopy Store.

Mud-Slinging Dog T-Shirt @ $21.99"

Garfield fans, be wow'ed by the wide array of Garfield merchandise offered here. For holiday and christmas gifts, they have Garfield-themed greeting cards, mugs, water bottles, clocks, journals, tees, sweatshirts, zip hoodies, keepsake boxes, tile coasters, aprons, pillows, blankets, baby apparel, dog tees, gym bags and tote bags like the one below.

Peace On Earth Garfield Beach Tote @ $22.99

You can also find the full collection of Garfield books here and the DVD collection here.

Source: iLove Asia Pop!