Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alert: Don't Change Shampoo Frequently

1.Don't pour the shampoo on hair directly; if you use too much shampoo the soap ingredient in it would damage your hair root.

2.Use shampoo twice. At the first time you can eliminate oil dirties and the auxiliary things of making a hair style, the second time can make your hair fluffy.

3.Do not change the shampoo frequently, unless your hair quality changed.

4.Wash hair with warm water. The effect of shampoo is optimal when you use warm water. If the water is too hot, it can make your hair dry and scalp itching.

5.You should use protect hair conditioner like this: sip your hair with towel, or at least squeeze the water that remains on your hair out. Otherwise, hair conditioner won't be absorbed effectively.

6.Hair conditioner should be dressing on the middle part or tip of hair, while don't dress the shampoo on the hair root heavily.

7.Comb the wet hair during the hair dressing process that would easily give rise to the broken hair.

8. It's not suitable to use dandruff shampoo frequently. According to the experts' saying, use the dandruff shampoo is not the best way to deal with dandruff. To use the powerful dandruff shampoo too frequently, sometimes not only won' t moisten your scalp, instead it will decompose and peel off those dry, loose skin surface, that would make the dandruff peeling situation more serious. So the one with much dandruff should not wash hair for too many times, 1 - 2 times are advisable, wash hair with warm water, and don't blow-dry after washing.

9.Since the scalp do need sunlight, air and water to moisten, so you should not wear a hat for long time.

10.In order to increase the bearing of the hair root, you can use the wirehaired hairbrush with rubber head.

In fact, we often feel too tired to wash hair by ourselves, so that we would like to go to the hair-salon to relax.
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