Thursday, December 9, 2010

Korean Fashion and Celebrity Trends

Celebrity endorsements are likely to play a big part in the Korean fashion market in 2010, with many top stars already seen to be endorsing, or taking part in photo shoots for fashion labels.

Narsha, Miryo, Je-A, and Ga-In, from pop group the Brown Eyed Girls, have been modelling the Spring/Summer Get Used Collection for Bling Jeans, which includes the popular blue-grey tie-dye jeans. The May 2010 issue of Nylon Magazine also featured a list of Korean celebrities, though this was a photo shoot with a difference, as the likes of Jang Geun Suk, Bani, Bae Doo Na, and Clazziquai were helping to raise awareness of an eco-campaign. They teemed up with casual fashion brand ‘Jack and Jill’, modelling a range of T-Shirts and Jeans, to promote an Urban Farm Campaign. Eagle-eyed fashionistas may have also spotted G-Dragon from The Big Bang wearing a shirt from Givenchy’s Ready To Wear Mens Collection at the movie premiere of the ‘Shine A Light’ Concert. The Black Poplin Long Sleeve Shirt With Gold Star Stud Detail is seen as a focal point of their collection. Last but by no means least, there are the Wonder Girls, who were spotted in New York at the Tory Burch Fashion Week Show, sporting a number of his purses, including the Cynthia Animal Print Mini Bag, and the Tory Burch Rapheal Leather Clutch.

Tory Burch Cynthia Animal-Print Mini Bag (on Ye Eun & Sun Ye), Tory Burch Reva Leather Clutch (on Sun Mi), Tory Burch Clayton Reva Vintage Leather Clutch (on Yoo Bin), Tory Burch Rapheal Leather Clutch (on Soo Hee)

Celebrities don’t just wear the latest fashions when they are in the spotlight, or in front of a camera lens, though they have been photographed in their own unique street styles too. The Brown Eyed Girls for example have been spotted teaming the obligatory sunglasses, with hooded tops, popular tartan and check prints, and oversized sweaters from the likes of Adidas.

SNSD's Yuri was spotted at an airport sporting the Beat Freaks x Miss Lawn (HELLZ) streetwear tank top.

Away from celebrity fashions, there are some trends that are ever popular on the streets of Korea, among everyday folk. Tights teamed with Converse Trainers, or other canvas shoes continue to be popular, as do vintage fashions, including floral print skirts, and lace detailing. Patent leather jackets, and other fitted jackets are popular among university students, while some younger students, such as those at Hanlim Multi Arts High School, get their School Uniforms designed by a fashion designer. Another popular trend is wearing socks with sandals, something that’s not often considered stylish in other countries. There are also many websites stocking Korean fashion items, such as Yesstyle, which currently recommends a High Waist Corset Skirt by Antic Beads, a Hooded Pullover by Pink Diamond, and a Sleeveless Tie Sash Dress from Kerry’s Closet for women. Among the suggestions for men are the Transparent Mesh Zip Hoodie by Deep Style, Pleated Overlay Trousers by Reeno, Linen Blend Vest By Dangoon, and Pattern Polo Shirt by Rakun.

Much has been made of Korean fashion, since the explosion of pop culture in the country, and although celebrity singers and actors have their part to play in the rise of all the latest Korean fashion trends, the people on the street seem to be creating their own unique style too. Combine fashion, with its closely linked neighbours in the Beauty Industry, such as The Face Shop, Beauty Credit, Clio, and VOV, and you have a pretty important industry in this part of Asia.

Source: AsianFashion