Friday, December 24, 2010

Will You Choose a Younger Lover?

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(Guide to Dating the Younger Man)

When women were little girls, they would like to wear Princess Dresses and play with dolls; when they are grown-ups, they wear sexy Party Cocktail Dress in exciting parties while dating different men. However, most women seldom choose lovers that are younger than themselves. 

A new research shows that 71 percent of women, who are over 35, will not date a man who is more than 3 years younger than them. This result does not correspond with the feature of so-called 'cougars'.

What is a 'cougar'? Middle-ages women who date younger men are regarded as the 'cougar'. Demi Moore, Madonna and British artist Sam Taylor-Wood can be regard as 'cougars'. Demi Moore's husband is 31, 16 years younger than the Hollywood star. So she is the typical 'cougar'. 

Furthermore, Madonna and Sam have dated younger men, too. And their relationships with younger men even become a popular trend; and the hot television series, Cougar Town, is the result of this trend.

Absolutely every woman envy these female celebrities. They have huge wealth; and they still look young and slim when they get to their 40s or 50s. But they do not interest in their younger lovers. Maybe they are good-looking guys, but two-thirds of the women in a poll revealed that similar values and interests were more important than appearances. Furthermore, three-quarters women of the poll wanted to date men in their own age. So it is not surprised that George Clooney is the most ideal lover for 'cougars'.

A psychologist revealed that a successful relationship demands that two partners have to resonate with each other and have shared interests. Though some couples still make successful relationships despite of age barriers, most people find it much easier to love someone their own age. Similar ages always bring similar experiences and outlook on life. True love does not care about anything, but life demands many things. It is not a happy thing for most women to clear up after a younger lover who even doesn't know how to use the washing machine. Actually women get the sense of security from their mature partners. So will you choose a younger lover?


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