Monday, February 7, 2011

87% off BODY WELLNESS Detoxification Programme

Includes 1 week supply of Nature Slim Green and Nature Slim Pearl and a session of Accur Drainage Detox Treatment.
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To shed excess pounds is a resolution that prevails on New Year’s lists everywhere. But as the year draws on, we more often than not find ourselves shuffling around with weary bodies and bloated tummies. Here’s giving your body a deserving detox with some delectable pampering at Body Wellness. 

Stepping into this boutique spa, one can sense the serenity in its clean, elegant furnishings. Body Wellness has built a sanctuary where bodies are revitalized and well-beings restored away from the chaotic hives of activity. The industry titan has under its belt the unbeatable combination of warm customer service, recherché products, 14 years of experience and competitive prices. 

You haven’t heard all of it. Body Wellness commands its own in-house research and development team to ensure that clients are given the most innovative treatments. Because everyone would have varying skin and body types and ergo unique needs, its policy of customization is lauded among loyal followers who have enjoyed an assortment of creative treatments ranging from result-driven facials to personalized massages. 

Reebonz City members are invited to enjoy a most carefully designed detoxification treatment at an exclusive price. Start with the Nature Slim Green, a detox formula that removes wastes from your body, promotes bowel regularity and nourishes the digestive tract. Mix a sachet with cold water after dinner and consume for a week to enjoy a range of benefits, from cleansing of intestinal walls to a more efficient metabolism. 

Then, enjoy a refreshing glass of Nature Slim Pearl in the morning, a concoction derived from premium soy protein and L-Carnitine. The Slim Pearl is geared to convert fats into energy, regulate enzymes, lower blood cholesterol levels and repair blood tissues. 

To boost the productivity of the detox program, Body Wellness has thrown in the coveted Accur Drainage Detox treatment perfect for modern day busy ladies. Fusing a unique acupressure point meridian massage with juniper, lemongrass and cypress essential oils, this treatment flushes the body of toxins. A detoxifying body wrap and herbal steam bath ensues as a divine finish to your inch-removing, body-rejuvenating programme. 
2011 suddenly seems a little lighter.