Friday, February 11, 2011

Corporate Clothing Style – Stay Professional And Chic

It is a common dilemma for power women in the corporate world; to dress stylishly and chic, and to maintain a professional look at the same time. Some female presidents and company CEOs are afraid to take fashion risks, as they are concerned that their clothing style may come across as unprofessional and appearance-cantered. On the other hand, it is very important to look classy and smart, in order to radiate that powerful, confident vibe. So, how do you choose a corporate clothing style that is fashionable and professional at the same time?

When looking at women in high corporate positions, female politicians, or wives of politicians, so to speak, three distinct style rules come to my mind:

1) Classy and clean
Classy and clean office or work wear look can be easily achieved if you keep in mind the golden rule of “the less is more.” Make sure you do not over-accessorise. Simple clothing style is timeless, so if you decide to go for a pricey piece, and you know that you will wear it for a long time, then it will be a good investment for your wallet and a smart addition to your professional wardrobe. It is especially true if you are thinking about your next suit purchase, as they are generally on a higher price range.

2) Fit
It is all about the fit! Remember, you do not have to spend a lot of money to look good. If your clothes fit your shape right, it will look good. It is as simple as that. Experiment with different styles, lengths, colours, until you find the right piece. You will just know if it is right for you. You must feel comfortable in your workwear clothes, too.

3) Colour
This is a big one, too. You don’t want your clothes to overpower your skin tone, nor do you want it to wash you out. Do not be afraid to go for brighter shades if you have a darker skin tone. Earth colours are a great choice for lighter skin tones. Again, do not shy away from bright colours; just make sure that you do not overdo it. If you choose a multi-coloured top, choose a low tone, natural colour bottom.
Your personal work or office clothing style is more than just the way you look, it is the way other people see you. Make sure your professional wardrobe is simple, yet versatile and memorable. Have fun with it, and create your own, unique corporate clothing style, that will be comfortable for you and visually appealing to your clients.