Monday, February 7, 2011

Secrets to Owning Designer Handbags

Almost every woman has a soft spot for handbags.  But with our busy schedule going to work and looking after the kids from weekends to weekends, it’s hard to find time to shop for the perfect bag. Thankfully, technology has kept up with our modern lifestyles, making our lives so much easier now with the boom of online shopping.

With just the convenience of a mouse-click, we no longer have to jostle and sweat in jam-packed sale warehouses. If the office is the men’s battlefield, then the sales area would be ours. So all we have to do is to sit and let our fingers do the shopping right? Well, only if you have an apartment as your walk-in wardrobe and a bank account that never dries up.

Thanks to our fickle-mindedness and love for all things new, many of us face the problem of not having enough space to store bags enough to last us three seasons and scrimping for lunch money. Well, there’s a way of owning that latest Burberry studded Hobo bag without breaking the bank--designer handbags rental store.

These online stores rent out designer bags for the fraction of the cost and even deliver it right to your doorstep.  Housing high-end brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Loewe under one roof, they allow you to owe the bags for a period of time.

Check out websites such as and Purchasing only from authentic boutiques, the words “ fake” and “ counterfeit” or even ” designer-inspired” is not in their vocabulary.

Some website such as work by payment on a weekly basis so be sure to read the FAQs properly before purchasing.

Combining the love for shopping yet compromising to our busy lifestyles and a limited bank account, renting designer handbags is the new way to shop.


Source: CozyCot