Monday, April 2, 2012

如何拥有陶瓷肌肤 How to Have Fair Porcelain Skin

最近 Kevin 老师在《女人我最大》节目里推荐了 2 款非常棒的美肤产品,能瞬间让我们拥有“陶瓷肌”!

Professional Makeup Artist Mr. Kevin recommended in Taiwanese beauty talk show "Beauty Queen" 2 beauty products that instantly give you porcelain-like skin.

第一款:植村秀泡沫隔离底妆液(Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 PA +++)

畅销 20 多年的品牌明星产品,也是业内独一无二的革新产品,轻盈慕丝质地,厚度仅为传统隔离霜的 1/20,仿如空气般轻盈;薄涂瞬间即刻平衡肤色、匀细肤质,呈现通透自然的粉肌效果。

Best-selling star product for over 20 years; A revolutionary product in a class by itself. The light and airy mousse texture goes on smoothly without streaks, balancing skin tone and refining texture to achieve naturally translucent and powdery skin complexion.

第二款:巴黎欧莱雅多重防护隔离露(L'oreal UV Perfect BB max SPF 30+ PA+++)

中国影星范冰冰爱用的 L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect BB Max No. 1 让你肤色焕亮白皙,特有10x修颜力,不仅隐形毛孔、痘印、斑点等肌肤瑕疵,更拥有独家色彩平衡科技,完美提亮焕颜;No.1 长效保湿滋润注入滋润保湿精华成分,轻轻一抹就超贴合,更能保证 12 小时的水润美肌 No.1 UVA 超强防护 与 UV 隔离露一脉相承的超宽频 UV 过滤系统 Mexoryl filter,完美隔离UVA/UVB 的伤害,防护持久稳定,让你的肌肤晒不黑晒不老。

With 10x sculpting power, it instantly covers pores, acne marks, freckles and other imperfections, and with their proprietary Color Equalizer Technology, it perfectly brightens and smooths skin complexion. It promises 12 hours of long-lasting hydration while isolating the UVA/UVB effectively for fairer and younger skin.

Source:, EU Chinese Journal